Bradford Special School District’s Plan for Hiring Teachers Working with English Learners

All teachers of any language instruction program for English Learners (ELs) need to be fluent and competent in the four domains of language assessed by the English Language Proficiency Assessment: reading, writing, speaking and listening. All teacher applications and applicants will be screened for fluency in all four domains.


·       A teacher’s fluency in listening and speaking will be documented and evaluated during the interview process. Interviewers will note listening mistakes, miscues, grammar, and syntax mistakes and make a determination of the level of fluency for both speech and listening.

·       Reading will be evaluated by the candidate’s reading and responses that show an understanding of the application process. This requirement may also be satisfied through the college transcript if through an English speaking university.

·       Writing will be evaluated through a sample of writing produced on site. This will ensure the applicant produces work with no editing. The writing topic may vary.