BSSD Purpose of Assessment

Bradford Special School District

Purpose of Assessment


Bradford Special School District recognizes the importance of utilizing both formative and summative assessment data to assess student academic needs.  This data is used to determine both teacher and student academic growth and achievement in relation to other students at both the local and state level.


Our district administers the Easy CBM assessment as an online screener three times yearly in September, January, and May.  Each teacher will send the EasyCBM printed reports home after the two week screening window closes.  EasyCBM is utilized to screen reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and math.  Based on the results of the EasyCBM screening tool, students are placed in the appropriate tiered interventions to address specific skill deficits through our RTI2 program at both Bradford Elementary and Bradford High School.  Students in tier 2 and 3 are progress monitored every two weeks to graph growth and identify the effectiveness of the interventions.


CASE assessment is a formative assessment program given in October, December, and March to determine student readiness for the TN Ready and End Of Course state assessments.  CASE uploads student reports and the Building Testing Coordinator prints individual student reports.  These reports are attached to the regular nine week grading progress report and sent home at the end of the grading period.


TCAP testing is the state mandated assessment program designed to provide feedback about student academic progress and how it aligns to academic expectations.  It consists of two parts.  Third grade through 8th grade students take the TNREADY assessment.  Ninth grade through 11th grade students take END OF COURSE assessments.  Typically, results are received over the summer break.  Assessment reports are provided for families during our first Parent Teacher Conference in August.  For those families that do not attend Parent Teacher Conference, results are sent home and individual family meetings may be scheduled to discuss results.


Juniors take the ACT test to determine College and Career Readiness in March.  Results normally are reported within 6 - 8 weeks.  The Building Testing Coordinator and ACT prep teachers share the results with students.


Families will be informed of all assessments, dates, and results through our district website, social media, and printed copies distributed at Open House and Parent Teacher Conferences.